2alileh ! ALFA “Sunday” Promotion

Posted March 4, 2012 by Jowell Bouzeid in 2alileh

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When your phone rings a message in Lebanon, probably the first thing on your mind is to realize that it’s another “spam” SMS.

However, when my phone rang the other day, ALFA Telecom was the sender. And, here is the message:

“Enjoy a 40% discount on all local calls during Sundays from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm, for 1 dollar per Sunday”

So ok!!! Let me read this again;

They make me pay 1$ for 1 day to give me a 40% discount on all my calls on a Sunday?

Let’s be real ALFA…  A Sunday??? Really???? When half the day you’re sleeping and the second half drinking coffee, while the phone is off by the charger because the previous day SATURDAY we were out  clubbing and well, honestly, needing that 40% call discount because we end up calling all the friends on the list to go down Jounieh and rock the nation?


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    LOL…they seriously have either math problems or someone should teach them what a real offer is !

    3alanan! typical Lebanese Offer … Increase the Original price and then claim a discount !

    It used to be done in a hidden fashion, but ALFA Seriously !!!

    RIP OFF !

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