2alileh ! MacDonalds Sexism

Posted March 1, 2012 by admin in 2alileh

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“-Shu ya man? Shu bek? Mberi7 kent ma3 we7de sha2ra wel lyom ma3 7ourieh samra?

-Eh! (with a smile) Shu kel yom mjadara?”

This was the shocking radio Ad for MacDonald’s new campaign to promote its newest burger.

How degrading is this ad when it encourages promiscuity and objectifying women.


On Promiscuity:

What kind of message are we sending to younger generations about relationships, even friendships?

Are such relations seasonal trends that come and go when a weather changes?


On Objectifying:

Again, women have been degraded to a burger. Objectifying women hinders or affects the progress of a society. Any person can tell the difference between a life with and a life without women.


On Sexism:

“shu kel yom mjadara?” as if being with the same person for more than a day is boring and not fashionable. How can one compare the company of a woman to the taste of food.


So, again, in Lebanon, Sexism rules our ads and shadows our creativity.


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    Well, look at the bright side, better than talking about Beef, the Adv. would have been :
    Shou Kel Youm Ba2ra !!!!


    Matkoun 7amlit “7okouk 2al Mar2a” w mish 3arfine !!

    Lady Elsa

    Shabeib el Mjadara !
    The writer has a point, but i would personally vote for another mac donald radio adv.
    Bas badal el Ba2ra, Torrrrr 😉


    LADY ELSA, 2alileh !!!!!

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