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It is indeed very tempting to buy items you love on bargain price, but some of us tend to forget how much of these clothes we’ll actually be wearing. Since on-sale items are from a previous season, their trend may not be suitable to be worn with the current collection’s items. Buying one or two pieces is fine, but buying too many may leave you overstocked with clothes and with nothing to wear.

Fashion Faux Pas of the Week: Overstocking on Bargain Clothing

If the season is changing from hot to cold or vice versa, do not buy on-sale items from the previous season because you will only end up wearing them once or twice before throwing them in the back of your closet till next year. The odds are very little that this fashion item will be a trend the following year.

Buying a couple of on-sale items is fine, as long as they follow the style of your wardrobe and can be worn with you several times. It could be a basic item or evening wear, but stay away from buying shoes, jackets, and a la mode shirts that have a very short trend cycle.

It’s always better to splurge on one item that you’ll be wearing a lot rather than stocking up on several affordable items that you’ll barely wear once.

Keep your style consistent and your wardrobe spacious!

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