Ain El Mraysseh, 2ALILEH!

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Living abroad, gets you more eager to follow up on what you are missing out from news and updates  on your homeland, especially when it comes to the homeland ” LEBANON ” , you can’t miss the thrill from the frustrated political situation, to the clubbing scene, and well it became  lately, calling up my friends and neighbors to check up about who got his turn in “2ata3it el kahraba w 3ele2 bel ascenseur “
Translation to our fellow English speaking readers : “Who got an electricity shortage and got stuck in the elevator ?!”

It is really normal to hear about all of what I mentioned above, as for my personal condition, currently located in New York.

But early morning this day, my phone beeped “A new e-mail notification” , as a typical computer oriented Lebano-American internet lifestyle,  i opened up my phone, and BOOM a new NEWS Alert from Beirut, i thought it was critical, especially when i heard that it was critical at the border…. but up to my surprise I got this :

رجل يخلع ملابسه أمام المارة في عين المريسة

عمد ظهر اليوم مواطن مجهول الهوية في منطقة عين المريسة في بيروت إلى خلع ثيابه في وسط الشارع

وتسبب الشاب بأزمة سير في المنطقة، حيث عمد المواطنون إلى التوقف لرؤيته

كما شوهد يقوم بحركات إباحية للمارة حيث راح يخلع ويرتدي ملابسه

ولم تعرف هوية الشاب ولا الأسباب التي دفعته إلى خلع ملابسه في وسط الشارع وفي وضح النهار


Man take off his clothes in front of passers-by in the area of ​​Ain El Mreisseh

This afternoon an unidentified citizen in the area of ​​Ain Mreisseh in Beirut took off his clothes in the middle of the street

Causing traffic  in the region, where the citizens to deliberately stop to see him.

he was seen doing pornographic gestures to passers-by where he took off  his clothes.

Up till now  the identity of this guy is unknown nor the reasons that led him to take off his clothes in the middle of the street in broad daylight.

Unfortunately i felt bad for couple of reasons about this incident:

First: What have this city turned up to since the day I left ! ” Only couple of weeks “

Second:  Was that an advertisement to Ain el Mraysseh by mistake, Adding a male gender sex-oriented MALE area after Maameltein, cause honeslty if it was, it ain’t working … nor it will !

Third: Up till now  the identity of this guy is unknown !SERIOUSLY!! ummmm security forces Especially in Ain El Mreisseh area..people watching..newspapers writing about it….nothing…no name no reasons…. :S

Fourth: Unfortunately we have an “2alileh” section for such posts, cause definitely this one deserves a WTF section !

Fifth: What would these guys say about it :Property of

It is unfortunate to where this youth type is shifting too!

Naked guy stripping in the middle of the street in the daylight , people watching and he is still anonymous…2alileh !

PS: I’m okay with Hot naked women runing down the streets…at least it will make the community focus on social acts rather than political ones :p

Written by Gilbert Eid

*Naked guy image courtesy of Double U News

* Bechara el khoury courtesy of

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