If you didn’t die of hunger, you’ll get poisoned from food! 2alileh!?

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Most of you have been hearing recently of the spoiled frozen meat, chicken and garlic which were found in the biggest suppliers’ warehouses that distribute their food for some very well known restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and hospitals.

Now the question is WHY!?

Isn’t the ministry of health responsible for creating some efficient food regulation policies and safety laws? And hey! If we already have those policies, how can most of the suppliers distribute plenty of rotten meat without expiry date labels, and have tons of spoiled food in their warehouses!?

Let us face it, the only thing that is increasing awareness of Lebanese consumers is the media by spreading and highlighting over the subject, but it’s not enough at all! We all know that what we need is some political decisions without the usual procrastination! Regardless the policies, people should be taught how to check for bad products in supermarkets, and pointing out for them the risky and safe restaurants is a must, I think we’re done with the political coverage of bad restaurants just because the owner is a friend of a politician.

Government should stop treating Lebanese citizens as cheap creatures! They do have the right to be treated as humans, and be provided with clean food without having that fear of getting poisoned after having dinner at a restaurant, because lately if people aren’t dying of hunger they are dying from eating out.. 2alileh!?

Here’s a blacklist of some restaurants and supermarkets in Lebanon:

1.Republic Restaurant – Nahr l Mot
2. Seasweet – (Cockroach found in Ice Cream).
3. Georges Farah – kaslik
4. Bohsali – Hamra (Expiry date)
5. B2B (white worms found in bottom of orange juice box)
6. Bain Militaire
7. Bliss House
8. Utopia(The famous recent story – 10 infected people 3 fatalities!!!)
9. KFC
10. TSC
11. Spinneys
12. Matar
13. Dekwaneh Farouj
14. Resto Karam
15. Down Town Restaurant – Down Town
16. Saladiet
17. Satellity – Batroun
18. McDonald’s – All Branches
19. Malak el Taouk – All Branches (Chicken some expired, some not grilled)
20. Snack Adib – Kleyat
21. Burger House – Sin el fil
22. Mazar – Jdeideh
23. Charcutier Aoun – All branches


Written by: Sandy Peters

Blacklist restaurants source: http://www.club-leb.com/showthread.php/2489-Lebanese-Restaurants-Blacklist

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