Memes invasion! 2alileh!

Posted March 6, 2012 by admin in 2alileh
lebanese memes

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Rare are the Lebanese people who don’t use “Facebook”, and rarer are the persons who haven’t noticed the spreading of “Lebanese memes” posts.

Lately, every time we open our FB home page, there are at least 10 shared posts of “Lebanese memes” by our friends, and for some, sharing or posting those “memes”, is the only thing they do and wait for on their timeline.

I admit that it’s kind of fun to share some hilarious posts, but the thing is that most of them are sarcastic jokes about the mentality of some Lebanese people, and their unsocial behavior, yet, the funny part is that those people, the subjects, are enjoying it and sharing it!

Why does our society enjoy being a subject of sarcasm, spreading to the world its own stupidity, superficiality, and unfortunate social retardism, instead of showing the opposite of that; the progress?
We used to toss Jokes about the  “Hamasnee’s” now we became the JOKE ! 2alileh!?!?

Written by Sandy Peters

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